The advice and services of Srija BD Limited and most of its employees is without extravagance. We offer practical services, impart practical and achievable advice and never opt for opulence or pseudo packaging that may mislead a young and/or vulnerable mind to choose the wrong course in their life or career.

  • CV assessment to find the best solution
  • Information on NZ educational system and providers
  • Counsel  towards  understanding  of  potential  leading  to  entry  level assessment.
  • Issuing Offer of Place towards confirmation of admission
  • Guide and Groom students who dream to complete a course in NZ
  • Advice for achieving work and permanent residence (PR) in NZ
  • Guidance and support towards lodgement of Visa application.
  • Electronic confirmation of lodgement with INZ
  • Collect visa stamped passport.
  • Itinerary support (if asked).
  • Conduct briefing of Pre- departure.
  • Organize accommodation and airport pickup coordination (if asked).
  • Provide local guardianship for students below 18.
  • Sensitize on the prospects Jobs and upgraded education.
  • Pre Verification of provided documentations
Consultation Fee:
  1. Assessment/Pre Advise until eligible for application: Free
  2. Registration at Srija for stating admission, visa process and submission: US$ 150.00/BDT
  3. After successfully achieving Approved in Principle (AIP)/Visa Confirmation: US$ 1000-2000 (It depends on case to case)

Refund Policy: Before visa confirmation we are taking only US$ 150.00 which is fully refundable if unsuccessful to provide Offer of Place only.

Payment Option: 

  1. Through online national and international bank account/Credit card or any other online transaction after proving invoice.
  2. After receiving payment we will provide you official receipt
  3. Before receiving fund applicant needs to sign code of conduct

Visa/Administrative Fee by Applicant:

  1. Visa Application Fee:
  2. Passport Handling Fee:
  3. Courier Fee:

Refund Policy: All administrative fees are non refundable if unsuccessful your visa decision.